10089 - TBR Wing Mounts Arrma Kraton, Notorious, Outcast


These are the V2 Wing Mounts for the Arrma Kraton and Outcast.

We have updated the design and material used in our Wing Mounts.

It took 12 drops from 14 feet onto concrete to finally break our test set.

This set replaces the old brittle stock mounts with our machined Delrin and nylon mounts! You won't be disappointed with this re-released T-Bone armor.

This listing comes with the following for Arrma, Notorious Outcast (All Versions), Arrma Kraton (All Versions) :

  • 1 - TBR Wing Mounts (Left)
  • 1 - TBR Wing Mounts (Right)
  • 2 - TBR Wing Mount Blocks 
  • Lifetime warranty

*Stock Wing Not Included*

Does not fit the Arrma Talion.

NOTE: COLOR OPTION is only for the inside pieces. The outer pieces will only come in black.

YouTube Mounting Instructions

Fits V1, V2, V3 2018, V4 2019

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Looks good but breaks way too easy

Looks good but breaks way too easy

up grade with this never go back

my truck luanched it of an skateboard ramp 45ft in the air landed on its wing and trombled and cart wheeled 50 times didn`t break i`m like wow!!!

Not a wing mount. Makes an ok wheelie bar

So the stock notorious wing doesn’t fit on this “wing mount”. This product is really just a wheelie bar. Looks good and works good as a wheelie and but isn’t any more durable than the stock one. A handful of rough landings off the 1foot tall ramp and it broke in 5 places and broke 2 pieces on my truck. Pretty much equivalent to my experience with the stock one, except when the stock one breaks it doesn’t wipe out other parts on my truck. I’ll try one more and if it doesn’t hold up any better I’ll just go back to stock since they’re cheaper, and just buy them 3 at a time.

Solid a rock

This mount is great so solid and strong fits good with a little muscle i could stand on this mount its great... If youve never used tbone customer support just do it these guys are great wish my local shop would carry thier stuff


Great wing mount, way better than stock. Keep in mind it does not come with the brace which I broke at same time as my original wing mount. Voltage hobbies has them.