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Traxxas E-Maxx - Dusty Motors Protection Cover Shroud

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T-Bone Racing is proud to offer Dusty Motors Shroud for the Traxxas E-Maxx


This is a high quality, hand made, dust and water splash proof shroud. Fits only E-Maxx #3903, E-Maxx Brushless #3908 models.

Shroud comes with a zipper, which allows to access the internals of a model i.e. connecting/disconnecting batteries and turning a model on/off without removing a shroud. While taking a brake between the running stints the shroud can be unzipped to allow ESC and motor to cool quicker. Shroud is made from the highest quality materials. That is why it is strong, durable and efficient. The open area of a material is more than 50% of total shroud surface, so it ensures a very good air flow in order to keep the model electronics cool.

Shock absorber cover is included into the package. Shock absorber cover comes in one long piece, so it could be cut into lengths that particular shock absorbers require. Cover is made from elastic material in order to fit shock absorbers of different diameters. One length of a cover will be enough for 4-8 shock absorbers, depending on a length of one.

Dusty Motors is Europe based brand name, which manufactures products strictly in Europe. All the shrouds are hand made with a very carefull quality inspection. We are all passionate RC enthusiasts here at Dusty Motors. We have set ourselves a goal to enhance RC driving experience with improving and protecting the models you drive. We design, test, manufacture and sell our products to the RC aficionados worldwide.


  • Shroud comes with a zipper
  • Adhesive velcro included
  • Shock absorber cover included
  • All the shrouds are hand made with a very strict quality inspection
  • Orders are dispatched same or next business day


Why pay more from other companies offering the a shroud that is inferior to ours and more expensive? Get the best product and the best price from us today!



Customer Reviews

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Great product, wish I had bought sooner!

This product is a must have if you are running your RC’s off road! It is very durable and well thought out. And the shock covers are a nice addition too. I will be buying one for all my cars now.