PREORDER - 85087 - TBR 1/10 All Terrain Track Set for Axial Bomber / Wraith Spawn


PREORDER the TBR Axial Track Set today! Very limited quantities available for this first run. All preorders will be sent upon official release of July 20th 2019

Convert your bomber or wraith into the ultimate crawler with this sweet tread conversion!

These tracks are sold in pairs of 2. (1 left tread, 1 right tread)

TBR's All Terrain Tracks are designed to make your car excel in the most difficult terrain. Be it dirt, sand or snow these treads will take your car where you want it to go!

Coming with the standard 2 sets of rubber treads. One track features the super aggressive tread pattern to provide more pushing power on slippery surfaces (and is pretty great for crawling too!) The other is the all purpose pattern track that is suited best for dirt and pavement.


    • Awesome quality CNC aluminum construction with high grip rubber tracks for grabbing ice and snow or going just about over anything!
    • Built in tensioner shocks to adjust track tightness.
    • Full Bearing Setup
    • 2 Sets of treads for various surfaces


    • Overall length: 154mm
    • Overall width: 46mm
    • Overall height: 99mm
    • Hex Size: 12mm


    • Rubber Tread Normal Tread (2 pcs)
    • Rubber Tread Aggressive Tread (2pcs)
    • Tractor Wheel Unit (2 pcs)
    • TBR Axial Bomber/Wraith Mounting Kit

    Driving Notes:

    • Two Pairs are needed to fully convert a 4x4 crawler.
    • Using the track on every corner for 4x4's is recommend but not compulsory. With only one pair installed on a truck, you will have a gearing change between the normal wheels and the Tracks. If mounting the tracks on the front it will cause push / under steer.
    • When stopping use, remove the track wheel and properly maintain it
    • Adding locktite to the aluminum screws is recommended.

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