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TBR Airtime Ramp 4.0 - The portable RC jump built for bashers!

SKU 85120
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4.0 Airtime Revision Updates:

Thicker aluminum and different angle used
(Prevents aluminum rails from bending)
Corner gussets added for stability 
(Attaches all aluminum together creating a solid form)
Changed deck attachment from rivet to bolt and nut.
(The deck now bolts down eliminating the pull out problem of the previous versions)

With this light, adjustable and rugged design you can take it anywhere with any vehicle and have a blast! With 4 adjustments you can go from distance jumps to the tallest height for aerial tricks and the best bashing your RC has to offer! 

Height adjustments - 18” 23” 27” 29”

Width - 34 1/2”

Length - 51” +  15" for the transition plate 


Please note - This item is processed in 2 shipments and may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.


All TBR Ramps are Patent Pending


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Maurizio LaFranca
Not 1/5 capable

Ben using this ramp with my Kraton 6s and sending it with no problems. Used it today with my Kraton 8s and would not recommend it!
1. The screws on the rapm side are not counter sunk and have damaged the bottom of my chassis and arms.
2. The metal frame has started to bend and is not holding up.

Brian Cassidy
Ultimate basher ramp

I have been using this ramp almost everyday now for some time and and absolutely thrilled about it. I am a basher and have put this through a lot of bashing and I'm very happy about how well it is performing. I use my XMaxx 8s and Kraton 8s frequently and it doesn't seem to hurt it one bit. The only thing I have had to replace is a couple of screws for the transition part. If your thinking about getting one my suggestion is absolutely do it! Well worth the money and I'd buy it again!

Phil H
T bone ramp

Amazing ramp solid construction

Ben Parkinson
Great ramp 4.0

This ramp is awesome works great for all sizes of rcs shipping was fast service was great !

Kevin Walker
Bad Service!! Package was wide open when delivered!!!

Sent an email to show the box was open & to find out what was missing. Got no response.

So I got pissed off & just had my shop guy figure it all out.

Its so sad that I try to pay it forward & help out people in this hobby & buy these ramps etc (2nd one) not even get a response. Only reason why I did this review cause I got an email asking to do it.

Seems like I'm not the only one that's had a bad experience.

I really should do 1 star but did a 3 stars to be fair!! I know you can't control everything & things happen..