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TBR R2 EXO Cage External Roll Cage - Traxxas MAXX * 62223

SKU 62223
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The R2 Exo Roll Cage is an external roll cage that mounted directly to the body and is designed to give your Maxx body unbeatable protection!


1 Maxx EXO Roll Cage w/mounting hardware.

Body and Maxx not included.

Will not fit the MAXX 2.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michael Fitz
Exo cage maxx

Love the cage made with great quality love t bone racing even though all there products are never in stock and would be better if there products came with instructions still great quality not so good customer service

John Smith
Perfect addition to your Maxx body

One of two roll cage options I found out there for the Maxx, it is made of sturdy heavy duty resin / plastic similar to the rest of the stock OEM parts reinforced with metal at areas needed. Remove the provided rear screws and spacers first!!!! Simply remove the stock front screws, be careful not to lose the angled inserts under them, place the two circular spacers provided with this kit above them in the cut outs (very self explanatory), screw in the provided longer screws snug and screw on the nylock nuts under them. Once the front screws are holding the roll cage in place, you can use it as a guide to drill the two rear mounting holes. I used a 5/32 drill bit and it came out perfectly, there's no odd angles or issues, you just pop two holes straight through the plastic body. Insert the provided rear screws from the top, put the rectangular clamp pieces onto the screws from under (these just act like a beefy washer), then screw on the two rear nylock nuts, tighten and you're done. Tried to provide pictures to reinforce what I explained, it's very easy to figure out even without instructions.

External Roll Cage

Well worth the purchase. I put this on my Maxx and this external cage definitely helps reduce body damage. 100% recommending one!!

Robert Vasale
My light basher green wide maxx

Bought this external roll cage(body protector) for my wide Maxx last month. I’ve been quite pleased how it cuts down the amount of damage, to my freshly painted body shell. My only critique is that you’ll need to fab your own rear mounting holes & washers for the install. Instructions of some kind would also, would be helpful. Other than than this little hiccup. I would still recommend this product to anyone looking to mod(beef up) there traxxas maxx.

Zeus Ho
Only use TBR for all my TRX cars

Best protecting products in market! Looking great on my Maxx! Highly recommanded!