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TBR 4.0 Wheelie Bar Set - ARRMA Kraton 6S / Talion 6S BLX * 00046

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The 4.0 Wheelie Bar is the latest update to the original 10091 3.0 Wheelie Bar Set. We've updated this wheelie bar to fit the Kraton V5!

This set pulls double duty both as a bumper and a wheelie bar. The bumper portion extends out further than the standard rear bumpers and gives you more stability when pulling wheelies. The bumper is flexible and is made to run in the dirt as well as street. 

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Kraton 6S / BLX / V2 / V3 / V4, V5, EXB, Talion V1, V2, V3 / 2018:
  • One TBR Custom Rear Bumper
  • One TBR Hinge-pin block
  • One TBR Rear Brace
  • One TBR Wheelie Bar Attachment - Y254 (Replacement 96046)

Product color examples:


YouTube Mounting Instructions

 Please note the video has not been updated. The only difference is 2 new mounting points for the bumper piece into the hinge-pin block.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love t-bone wheelie bars!

I have t-bone on 5 of my 10 trucks, primarily the ones I drive the most. The latest was the kraton wheelie bar/skid for my 6s exb. They hold up well to abuse, help protect the rear of the body and give something for hitting the ground instead of the rear hinge pin mount.

My one gripe is how the block mounts to the rear hinge pin screws. It bends them. Honestly, without making something yourself and doing away with the rear sway bar, I don't know how this can be avoided. What I did on my outcast was remove my rear sway bar, then made a plate out of some flexible HDPE to mount to the diff cover. Not the diff cover screws, the sway bar screws as well as a 3rd screw in the hole that arrma leaves in the diff cover. I'll likely do the same for my Kraton.

I included a photo of what I made for my outcast as an example. You may not have to do away with the sway bar now that I look at it... but I get annoyed with the sway bars being in the way when working on stuff, so I get rid of them anyway. I'm not racing, so what's a bit of body roll when I'm launching this thing at skate parks.

Justin Clark

Buy extra wheels the ones it comes with got pretty torn up my very first run but the wheelie bar does it’s job very well

Joshua Hodges
Almost great

First time using the wheelie bar 4.0 and I broke the roller wheel cross bar in half. Landed rear down on one side. Now I am using it just as a rear bumper skid without the wheels and cross bar. Works just fine.

Matthew P. McLarney
Good product

This wheelie bar also serves well as a skid plate and a rear bumper.