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Basher Front Bumper - ARRMA Outcast, Notorious, Kraton 6S - 00033

SKU 000331
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Brand New Basher Bumper featuring our spring supported rubber brace system 

This fits the V5 V4 V3 V2 V1 and EXB


This listing comes with the following: 
  • One TBR EXB Basher Front Bumper - A123
  • One EXB Brace assembly (Rubber brace - Y371, Front Block Spacer Y369, Front Block Y370) 
  • One Shim - Y262
  • Mounting hardware

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
andrew herkenhoff
Needed tweaking

I have 2 other t-bone bumpers and had no issues with fitment

But this needed to be shimmed at one end and material removed on the other end. Then I still had to heat and bend it into position. P/N was correct for the kraton 6s just needed some extra work to make fit


It's a good bumper, and may be the strongest one out there, but hardly worth $40 plus shipping. Not the best deal, given that you could go through 3 Arrma basher bumper for the cost of this one. I bought this to replace the old style TBR bumper that broke last fall. The bumper has been redesigned with a $10 increase in price. The bumper now has rubber cylinders to absorb shock, but what they gained shock absorption they lost by making the bumper vertical rather than sloped. The earlier (and cheaper) bumper was angled so that if you hit a low rock or root, the bumper would ramp the car over it. Now it will just be a direct impact. Net gain in bumper effectiveness = 0. Unfortunate. All this combined with the fact that TBR did a bait and switch by turning a "lifetime warranty" into 30% off coupon, (which was barely made this worth purchasing over the other options) suggests that you might be better served trying other options for your bumper.

Dave P
Just ok

It’s a good bumper. Had to mod it to fit with my M2c front hing pin set up. But as usual tbone struggles to keep stock, ship in a timely manor, customer service takes for ever to answer questions. Not really sure why all of this hasn’t improved bc they bombard you with customer service surveys and satisfaction questions. They have a few good items which are mainly the bumpers and the roll cages. You guys should stick to a few products and do them the best you can rather than having a million products that mostly are not good.